Blend in with the flora or stand out in the urban jungle, this tropical shirt comes with MagSnap buttons that snap right into place. Snap on and take a walk on the wild side. Wear the difference.
Take a closer look. Really look. Can you spot the zipper? It’s right in the middle. A seamlessly concealed front zipper that extends all the way to the hip for maximum ease. Look again and you might also notice pockets by the sides. This dress is all fashion and function. Zip up and Wear the Difference.
With SwipeFit baby velcro closures along the shoulder, there is no wrong way to wear this blouse. Be it front-side back or back-side front, this sleek blouse opens fully for easy dressing. Simply slip on and swipe. Wear the difference.
The cargo pants for any occasion. Wear it long on rainy nights or unzip it around the knee for a pair of shorts to beat the Singapore heat. Your trusty and inclusive all-purpose companion for every journey. Wear the Difference.
Made from Japanese linen tencel, a fiber from the wood pulp of trees grown in specialized sustainable farms, this pair of shorts is great at keeping things cool. Be it a day out in the sun or hours spent sitting by the desk, this is our comfy companion of choice. Zip up and Wear the Difference.
While you need support for your recovering arm, this would function as a regular arm sling. When you no longer need an arm sling, it will adapt into a sling bag and you will be able to continue using it to carry belongings! Fashionable and sustainable. Wear the Difference.
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