Fumbling with buttons and struggling with unreachable back zip closures.

Making the mistake of trying to push your head out of the armholes.

Tugging and wiggling to pull form-fitting pants up to your waist.

We've all been there, but now imagine these inconveniences further amplified for those who face physical challenges.

From left, Zora, Ah Gong, Ah Ma and KC, laughing together as they pose.

Here at Will & Well, we believe that no one has to suffer for the sake of fashion. We strive to impact lives by designing apparels that provide comfort, dignity and a sense of independence in daily dressing routines. We aim to #BeTheDifference.

Try on our adaptive apparel and you would experience what it means to "Wear The Difference". With features such as MagSnap, FrontSlit and SwipeFit, our clothing have transformed and impacted the lives of many. While some are able to enjoy these benefits, there are still others who aren't as fortunate to share the same experience, and here's where you come in.

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HOW CAN I #BeTheDifference?

Help us connect to sponsors and beneficiaries by being a part of the Will & Well initiative to ensure that our apparels reach those who would get the most out of it.

Together, we can help someone “Wear The Difference”.

1. Nominations

“I know someone with a daily dressing struggle whose life could be greatly improved from this.”

Tell us who in the form below so that they have a chance to receive our clothing at their doorstep! There are so many people who slip through the cracks without getting the support they need and we need all the help we can get to reach them!

2. Contributions

“I want to benefit someone with a dressing challenge but I don’t know anyone around me that I can directly impact.”

Fill in the form below and let's get started. We will be in touch with you with the details!

Through this initiative, we hope to make a difference by reaching out to those who are in need of a change in their lives through a partnership with your generosity and kindness. Thank you for wanting to #BeTheDifference with us!