Convertible Arm Sling Bag

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While you need support for your recovering arm, this would function as a regular arm sling. When you no longer need an arm sling, it will adapt into a sling bag and you will be able to continue using it to carry belongings! Fashionable and sustainable. Wear the Difference.

Olive Green
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The initial customised piece was commissioned by a client who was looking for fashionable arm slings to gift her friend, who had injured her arm and undergone an operation. Our client wanted something that was more than just an arm sling and that's how the idea to make a convertible arm sling bag came about.

Lyocell/Tencel Polyester
Fabric made in Japan
Adjustable Velcro strap
Aluminium hooks

Customisation option available, contact us for more info.

The sling is adjustable and the shoulder pad is removable.
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