Take a closer look. Really look. Can you spot the zipper? It’s right in the middle. A seamlessly concealed front zipper that extends all the way to the hip for maximum ease. Look again and you might also notice pockets by the sides. This dress is all fashion and function. Zip up and Wear the Difference.
With SwipeFit baby velcro closures along the shoulder, there is no wrong way to wear this blouse. Be it front-side back or back-side front, this sleek blouse opens fully for easy dressing. Simply slip on and swipe. Wear the difference.
Designed for durability and everyday comfort, this lightweight v-neck t-shirt is tailored just for women. Champion the Will & Well story in the soft embrace of quality.
The cropped cape is the perfect companion to complete your outfit on a cool day. Throw it on and magnetic cuffs breezily snap into place. Easily access your essentials with the front pockets and take on the day with confidence. Snap on and wear the difference.
A kimono wrap top with velcro touch closure and adjustable drawstring. Tighten for beautiful ruching at the waist or tie loosely for a feminine touch. Opens fully and makes it easier to dress into and out of. Sophisticated, minimalist and inclusive. Wear the difference.
Say goodbye to unreachable back zip closures. The front zipper from collar to hip ensures maximum accessibility while being seamlessly concealed. Made in a relaxed fit, this midi dress embraces the beauty of simplicity. Zip up and wear the difference.
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