Made from Japanese linen tencel, a fiber from the wood pulp of trees grown in specialized sustainable farms, this pair of shorts is great at keeping things cool. Be it a day out in the sun or hours spent sitting by the desk, this is our comfy companion of choice. Zip up and Wear the Difference.
You could go with simplicity and have just one charm on your necklace, or you could pair them up as earrings. But, you know the party only starts when three comes together.
Simply slip on and snap the magnetic clasp in place with the only bracelet in this collection.
With a magnetic clasp, wear this chain necklace with zero finger gymnastics.
While you need support for your recovering arm, this would function as a regular arm sling. When you no longer need an arm sling, it will adapt into a sling bag and you will be able to continue using it to carry belongings! Fashionable and sustainable. Wear the Difference.
The cargo pants for any occasion. Wear it long on rainy nights or unzip above the knee for a pair of shorts to beat the Singapore heat. Your trusty and inclusive all-purpose companion for every journey. Wear the Difference.
The cropped cape is the perfect companion to complete your outfit on a cool day. Throw it on and magnetic cuffs breezily snap into place. Easily access your essentials with the front pockets and take on the day with confidence. Snap on and wear the difference.
The unisex front slit drawstring pants are the ultimate look-good, feel-good pants. Universally flattering, wear it loosely or pull on the drawstrings for a custom fit. Fashionable, functional and inclusive. Wear the difference.
Give your Will Be Well Masks & Mini Pouches a personalised touch! Got the same design as your friends or family? Add on embroidered lettering and make them even more unique to you, never mistake someone else’s mask for yours again.
With a magnetic clasp, wear this flat braid necklace with zero finger gymnastics.
Thoughtful conversations with the people you love | Give Me a Hand is a card game that started from our experience as a fashion brand that works closely with caregivers and care receivers. Through our work, we realised that you can spend a lot of time with someone, love them deeply, but still not understand them. So, we created Give Me a Hand as a fun way to close that gap.
A kimono wrap top with velcro touch closure and adjustable drawstring. Tighten for beautiful ruching at the waist or tie loosely for a feminine touch. Opens fully and makes it easier to dress into and out of. Sophisticated, minimalist and inclusive. Wear the difference.
This mask is unlike any mask you have at home. Leave UV silkscreen prints show their true colours as the UV index at your location goes up! Effective. Reusable. Unique.
Rain or shine, this Leave UV: Reversible Bucket Hat is functional and fashionable. Reverse this clever Bucket Hat to get two looks in two different fabrics. One side uses a water-resistant fabric that works perfectly for the rainy weather, while the other side has our Leave UV feature and the leaf prints show a brighter colour as the UV index goes up. Functional fashion.
Put on the UV Slim Fit Short Sleeve Shirt and magnetic buttons snap right into place – no buttoning required, ever. Snap-on and get out of the door. Then maybe into the shelter when the UV level hits a high. Wear the Difference.
Our UV leaves are handprinted on the ultimate look-good, feel-good pants. Universally flattering, wear it loosely or pull on the drawstrings for a custom fit. Fashionable, functional and inclusive. Wear the Difference.
Champion the Will & Well story in this unisex T-shirt designed for everyday casuals. As UV levels get higher, “Wear the Difference” makes its mark, signalling that it’s time to seek shelter!
Every purchase of "Masks for Migrant Friends" is a reusable Will Be Well mask for our migrant friends in Singapore! Your gift will be handed to the Covid-19 Migrant Support Coalition (CMSC) and delivered to those who need it most.
Shine brighter with these upsized hoops.
Take a closer look. Really look. Can you spot the zipper? It’s right in the middle. A seamlessly concealed front zipper that extends all the way to the hip for maximum ease. Look again and you might also notice pockets by the sides. This dress is all fashion and function. Zip up and Wear the Difference.