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Zero-Waste Gifts: Sewing Against Climate Change

Zero-Waste Gifts: Sewing Against Climate Change

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Sew Simple’s newest iteration — involving a partnership with Rainshadow Studios — is more than a clothes-making and alteration workshop. This is an opportunity to expand your creative process to re-style, re-fashion, and redesign the fabrics you’re about to throw away to give them a new life, with art-making in mind.

We’re acknowledging the customs of holiday-season gifting while also being more mindful of the carbon that we, as a society, create. The challenges we will explore at this workshop will provide you with solutions that enable you and your community to deal with questions of potential “waste” — learn to sew, turn that piece of fabric into a piece of gift-worthy art, and lower your carbon footprint with us.


Check out our workshop if you are:

  • Someone exploring your interest in fashion, clothes-making, art-making, and climate change. This workshop will introduce you to basic sewing technicalities and expand your creative process to include universal designs that are ideal for all kinds of people — irrespective of their special abilities or disabilities — and the planet. 
  • Someone who has a disability and is independently caring for yourself. This workshop will equip you with basic fabric-playing skills (who says you can’t gift yourself?) that enable you to re-style, re-fashion, redesign your existing clothes, and improve their functionality to better meet your needs.
  • Someone who is a caregiver. You know best about the challenges in the dressing processes of your loved ones, as well as the kind of art that would put a smile on their face. This workshop is a moment to focus on creating a special something for that person. There may be a piece of fabric that holds a story of the two of you, and it needs a bit of jazzing up to become an unforgettable gift.


What You Will Learn :

- The 4 sessions would cover sewing towards different products:

Week 1: Potted plant "clothes" for the pots
Week 2: Hats
Week 3: Waterproof picnic mats
Week 4: Carriers

– Design Thinking by getting into the process of creative problem solving

– Sewing basics and reconstruction techniques

– Preparation of fabric pieces

– The carbon footprint of the textile industry and your wardrobe (and how you can reduce it)


$80 per pax for a single session.

Toolkits and fabrics are available for sharing.

$280 per pax for 4 sessions.

Inclusive of a Will & Well toolkit for you to take home!

($100 worth of tools such as fabric scissors, curve rulers, chalk, measuring tape, snap buttons, elastic waistband, baby-velcro, long zips, magnets, etc.)


Dates, Time & Location:  

Workshops are currently on hiatus. Please contact us for enquiries.


What to bring:

– Scrap fabrics/old garments/available textiles that you’d like to repurpose!

– Necessary measurement (circumference, diameter, height, length, etc) of your pot/head/mat/cup/bottle/lunch box that you’d like to make for. 

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