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Give Me A Hand [Rough Edges]

Give Me A Hand [Rough Edges]

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A collaborative card game to prompt thoughtful conversations with the people you loveenabling you to better understand and support one another.

100 questions. One connecting path. Countless hours towards a deeper relationship.

Before mailing out your set of Give Me A Hand cards, we do thorough quality checks to ensure you receive the components in their best state. Unfortunately, some decks are rough around the edges but we decided to make them available to you at a lower price.

You’d be glad to know that only one or two cards in the deck of 108 are affected, with some scratches along the edges. They still make the perfect springboard to launch meaningful conversations with your loved ones, albeit sporting an imperfect look!


100 x Question / Hand Cards
8 x 'I Need A Hand' Action Cards
1 x Drawstring Pouch
2 x Notecards


Visit the Give Me A Hand website!

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