This mask is unlike any mask you have at home. Leave UV silkscreen prints show their true colours as the UV index at your location goes up! Effective. Reusable. Unique.
Rain or shine, this Leave UV: Reversible Bucket Hat is functional and fashionable. Reverse this clever Bucket Hat to get two looks in two different fabrics. One side uses a water-resistant fabric that works perfectly for the rainy weather, while the other side has our Leave UV feature and the leaf prints show a brighter colour as the UV index goes up. Functional fashion.
Champion the Will & Well story in this unisex T-shirt designed for everyday casuals. As UV levels get higher, “Wear the Difference” makes its mark, signalling that it’s time to seek shelter!
Our UV leaves are handprinted on the ultimate look-good, feel-good pants. Universally flattering, wear it loosely or pull on the drawstrings for a custom fit. Fashionable, functional and inclusive. Wear the Difference.
Put on the UV Slim Fit Short Sleeve Shirt and magnetic buttons snap right into place – no buttoning required, ever. Snap-on and get out of the door. Then maybe into the shelter when the UV level hits a high. Wear the Difference.
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