A simple extension to the length gives our Midi Cap Sleeve Dress a whole new vibe! Take your pick from our small library of excess fabrics and possibly own a one-off, limited-edition design. This dress is all fashion and function. Zip up and Wear the Difference.
Add a splash of colour to the Convertible Cargo Pants and make it your very own for any occasion. Wear it long on rainy nights or unzip it around the knee for a pair of shorts to beat the Singapore heat. Your trusty and inclusive all-purpose companion for every journey. Wear the Difference.
Even with soft flutter sleeves added on, there is still no wrong way to wear this blouse. Be it front-side back or back-side front, this sleek blouse has soft hook & loop closures on both shoulders that opens fully for easy dressing. Simply slip on and swipe. Wear the difference.
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