Behind The Scenes: Oh Shoot!

Behind The Scenes: Oh Shoot!
Preparation is half the battle won. Unless in the next half of the battle you’re pitted against Murphy's Law on steroids. Then, everything that can go wrong will go wrong and everything that cannot go wrong... will also go wrong.

When putting together our shoot to launch Will & Well’s first collection, we did all possible preparations – models booked, studio space confirmed and transport arranged. Then, the day of the shoot came but the rental car didn’t. Ironically, the start of a rough ride began with the lack of one.

With Elisa’s dad to the rescue, transport was back on track. However, this time it didn’t have a destination. The studio we booked for the shoot had our slot mixed up. There was no way we could have our shoot there anymore. This also meant that we no longer had a photographer. So, at a time when the shoot was supposed to have begun, we were on one end of our phones in a frantic calling spree.

Pro Tip:

Securing a studio space – Difficulty Level: Meh

Securing a studio space instantly – Difficulty Level: Alamak!

Then, a sleepy Saru, who had been ramping up for the launch of Studio Saru, answered our call. Her studio wasn’t officially open for business yet but it would be open for us. The shoot was on, again.
Behind the Scenes
Because of the late start, our models are stretched beyond their booked timings and our female model, Elyse, had to leave. So, from a supposedly well-planned shoot with professional efforts, we devolved into a mad scramble of DIY winging-its.

How to Survive Murphy’s Law:

1. Everybody you know counts.

2. People are more willing to help then you expect.

3. In the face of absurdity, laugh.

4. It’s not over until you give in.

5. Luck, lots of it.

Polaroids of photoshoot


Thanks to everyone who made the first collection photoshoot happen:
Studio: Studio Saru
Models: Elyse Yap, Omar Michael
Makeshift Models: Elisa Lim, Tan Su Yi
Makeshift Make-up Artist and Steamstress: Tan Su Yi
Makeshift Photographer: Cheryl (Cherbaenium) Tan
Makeshift Videographer: Dave Tai

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