Diverse dressing challenges?

Love that top but facing dressing challenges with it? Tell us about it and let us take you through an end-to-end customisation service to make dressing a breeze for you!

The process will take us from consultation and redesigning, all the way to the final piece. Be it adding a new zip, magnetic buttons, strategic tapering or even designing a new piece from scratch, we will work together to develop the right dressing solution for you.

We believe no one has to suffer for the sake of fashion. That’s why we put every detail through obsessive testing. Each piece that leaves our studio is a product of craft, technology and hours spent in pursuit of getting the smallest details just right.

Some of our customised pieces:

Post-Surgery Wear | Mdm Yeo
Post-Stroke Shirts | Yeye Lau
Our Youngest Client | Chrislyn
Barbie Fantasy | Vivian
#BeTheDifference | Vincent x Vivian
A Romantic’s Journey Towards Independence | Dr Navin

Kick start the process by submitting the form below or emailing us at with the following details:

1. Describe your dressing challenge(s)
2. Medical condition, if any
3. Type of customisation
(i.e. shirt, pants, dress, alteration/redesign)
4. Attach photo(s) or video
5. Order quantity
6. Expected date of delivery*

*Note that we ask for at least one month from consultation to delivery.

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Got questions? Drop us an email at and ask away! ◡̈

An illustration of people in a fashion studio working together to create solutions for dressing challenges. Text reads: "design = problem solving".