Diverse dressing challenges?

Love that top but facing dressing challenges with it? Tell us about it and let us take you through an end-to-end customisation service to make dressing a breeze for you!

The process will take us from consultation and redesigning, all the way to the final piece. Be it adding a new zip, magnetic buttons, strategic tapering or even designing a new piece from scratch, we will work together to develop the right dressing solution for you.

Some of our customised pieces:

Kickstart the process by submitting the form below or emailing us at with the following details:

1. Describe your dressing challenge(s)
2. Medical condition, if any
3. Type of customisation
(i.e. shirt, pants, dress, alteration/redesign)
4. Attach photo(s) or video
5. Order quantity
6. Expected date of delivery*

*Note that we ask for approximately one month from consultation to delivery.

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An illustration of people in a fashion studio working together to create solutions for dressing challenges. Text reads: "design = problem solving".