Sew Simple: Re-Style, Re-Fashion, Re-Design

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Sew Simple is more than a clothes-making and alteration workshop. This is an opportunity to expand your creative process to re-style, re-fashion, re-design your existing clothes, improve their functionality to better meet your needs.

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The challenges that we will explore at this workshop will provide you with solutions that enable you and your community with better dressing processes – bringing ease, comfort, independence and dignity.


Check out our workshop if you are:

Someone exploring your interest in fashion and clothes-making. This workshop will introduce you to basic sewing technicalities and expand your creative process to include universal designs that are ideal for all kinds of people, irrespective of their special abilities or disabilities.

Someone who has a disability and independently caring for yourself. This workshop will equip you with basic clothes-making skills that enable you to re-style, re-fashion, re-design your existing clothes, improve their functionality to better meet your needs.

Someone who is a caregiver. You know best about the challenges in the dressing processes of your loved ones. This workshop is a moment to focus on yourself and self-improvement by picking up a new skill that can also help your care receiver in a practical way.

What You Will Learn :

– Design Thinking by getting into the process of creative problem solving

– Techniques for applying MagSnap and FrontZip

– Preparation of fabric pieces

– Sew on your favourite clothing!


$280 per pax for 4 sessions.

Inclusive of a Will & Well toolkit for you to take home!

($100 worth of tools such as fabric scissors, curve rulers, chalk, measuring tape, snap buttons, elastic waistband, baby-velcro, long zips, magnets, etc.)

Dates, Time & Location:  

There are currently no Sew Simple Workshops happening. Please write in to us at if you are interested!



What to bring:

– A problem with regards to dressing inconveniences (verbal or pictorial)

– ONE piece of existing clothing that you’d like to re-adapt


* Participants are encouraged to attend all the sessions. There will be no refunds if participants are unable to attend any one of the sessions.

* A confirmation message will be sent as the date of the first class draws near. 

* Maximum 10 pax, in accordance with safety regulations.