Episode 68 - Elisa Lim | Cosmic Children Quest Log

Episode 68 - Elisa Lim | Cosmic Children Quest Log

A selection of four unique individuals making waves in their industries: Cosmic Children dives into the conversation to unravel, unwrap, and to showcase their unique perspectives.

Curated by Nicholas Ong (@neekruz) for their brilliance, disposition and unique perspectives; each varied in the masterful execution that is their sensibilities and lives.

Their mindset & attitude gives us insight into the context which they find themselves in , and leaves us to mull over and seek our own answers to these eternal questions, as the discussion draws deeper.

Elisa Lim is the founder of Will & Well (@willandwell) and a spirited social entrepreneur that started her journey with an interest in fashion design.

Along the journey, she discovered a deeper interest in social design and innovation. She believes that the approach applied in designing inclusive apparels could also be used through other mediums and in other industries.


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