Our Youngest Client | Chrislyn

Our Youngest Client | Chrislyn
We first met Chrislyn in October last year. Well, we met Chrislyn, her mother and grandmother while Chrislyn met Elisa, the Gachapon machine behind her, and every colourful nook and cranny in the room that caught her attention.
She was our youngest client at six years old and heart-meltingly adorable as she hopped around the room, curious about every little thing. Her mum, accustomed to Chrislyn's bubbly energy, was able to keep her still (for a while) with the promise of ice cream.

We met because Chrislyn was about to start her adventures in primary school, but her uniform just doesn't quite fit. Chrislyn is petite, so much so that even the smallest size available looked like a gown on her.

Downsizing for the Better

A large part of her uniform's transformation was shortening and tightening them at the right places. From her blouse and pinafore to her belt and even socks (which was a first for us), we altered it so that it is better suited to Chrislyn's small size. Beyond looking tidier with a better fit, the level of comfort also changes quite drastically when your clothing fits you well.

Snapping and Swiping into Action

Chrislyn is well adept with one arm (see her curious exploits during our first meeting) and able to put on her uniform with little problem. Still, we decided to replace the regular buttons and pinafore hooks to MagSnap buttons. This gives her the ease and speed when she changes in and out of her PE attire in school. With the simple application of MagSnap, Chrislyn is probably the fastest dresser in school!
As part of her school attire, she was also given an apron for art classes. The apron had to be secured and adjusted by tying a string, which would be cumbersome for Chrislyn. As such, we replaced it with our SwipeFit function, with various velcro placements, to allow gradual adjustments as she continues to grow!
Chrislyn has since started primary school, and we're delighted to see her happily hopping around with an easy-to-wear uniform that fits her just right. It is such a joy to work with clients like Chrislyn, and it reminds us of why we embarked on the Will & Well journey in the first place!

A big thank you to Chrislyn and her mum for this opportunity!

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