Gaining Hope, Giving Hope | Kang Wei

Gaining Hope, Giving Hope | Kang Wei

An anonymous nomination through our #BeTheDifference initiative led us to meet Kang Wei. He was then looking for a job and wished for a suitable outfit that he could wear to interviews, which made this a very timely connection.

With cerebral palsy (CP), Kang Wei has difficulties navigating daily dressing processes that require greater dexterity. While his family members usually help him with his basic dressing needs, he moves around independently so they are not always around to help him. With these situations in mind, we decided to customise a smart casual outfit that he could easily wear by himself.

Smart Shirt, Kang Wei’s Way

Kang Wei is used to putting on and taking off his shirt over his head, like one would with a T-shirt. Taking his comfort into consideration, we designed a shirt that makes use of a similar arm motion.

To ease the shirt removal process, we added a concealed front zipper extending from the collar to mid chest and zippers at the sides to prevent the shirt from getting stuck at the chest area while being pulled up.

a close-up shot of mandarin collar and chest area of a navy blue shirt

As small zippers are difficult for Kang Wei to grasp, we attached a loop which he could simply hook his fingers through. We also added a loop at the back of the shirt collar for him to tug on and easily pull off the shirt.

a close-up shot of the back of a navy blue shirt with a loop at the bottom of the collar.

For a smart look without the finger gymnastics needed to fold a collar down, we used a mandarin collar. Additional small side slits at the bottom of the shirt prevent creasing while sitting, keeping it neat.

MagSnap Pants

After Kang Wei told us that many of his pants’ zippers eventually become broken with use due to the difficulty he experiences in pulling them and consequent rough handling, we decided to use MagSnap (our magnetic buttons) as a pants fastener instead. Not only does this allow Kang Wei to snap on and off his pants in a fraction of the time he used to take (handy when nature calls!), but also provide dignity as he no longer has to worry about being unable to zip his pants when out in public. We also added an adjustable elastic waistband to ensure that the pants can adapt and meet Kang Wei’s needs for a long time.

Gaining Hope, Giving Hope

Now, Kang Wei is happily employed at his new job and we’re truly thrilled for him! He shared that when he was stressed about unemployment, the clothes we made for him gave him hope. At first, we were puzzled as to what he meant but it dawned on us that earning an income is often symbolic of independence. Thus, being able to achieve basic independence in dressing was perhaps key to giving Kang Wei the confidence he needed to continue on his job search journey. Not to forget that looking presentable in front of the interviewers provides an extra boost of self-confidence and dignity.

a black and white image of Kang Wei giving a presentation

Kang Wei’s story with us began through our #BeTheDifference initiative – when he was nominated for it and a Well Wisher generously sponsored him a complete outfit. Out of Kang Wei’s big heart, he had decided to pay it forward and become a Well Wisher for another beneficiary. Stay tuned for our next blog post to find out the difference he made!

Want to contribute as a Well Wisher or nominate someone to be a beneficiary under the #BeTheDifference initiative? Simply fill in and submit the form on this page!

#BeTheDifference is a Will & Well initiative that aims to make a difference by reaching out to those who would benefit the most from our apparels. We do this by connecting Well Wishers who want to give back to society and beneficiaries nominated by the people who know them. #BeTheDifference is a partnership that blooms with your generosity and kindness.

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