A New Perspective One Thread At A Time | Bold At Work

A New Perspective One Thread At A Time | Bold At Work
A casual recommendation by a friend, an enquiry through Facebook messenger and the boldness to just try at our Bold At Work cosy studio space has led Elisa to recreate a one-of-a-kind sewing workshop unlike any other.

An eloquent recount by Sindy, a participant of the recently concluded intake of the Sew Simple workshop – this workshop imparts more than just the skills of sewing. It is an attitude of trying, she says.

What was the workshop to you? or Why did you decide to join the workshop?

Not too long ago, I took up a commercial sewing course and grew to love sewing! I love that I can create many things and also it’s a continuous journey of learning.  Whether it's zipper pouches, lanyards, cup holders and tote bags, you name it! It has opened up possibilities. I had also decided to start @lazylionmakes so that I can continue to make stuff, document them and enjoy the process.

Although I had somewhat mastered the skill of sewing, what inspired me more thereafter was the idea and concept of adapting clothing to suit one needs with different sewing technique. I saw the giveaway by Will & Well and thought that it was really interesting and if I could continue to learn and be exposed to new sewing tricks! Imagine how many people would just live with the inconveniences. 

Name one thing about the workshop that you enjoyed the most

Aunty Kim Hua and Elisa are very friendly and did not hold back in sharing their knowledge and experiences with us on our sewing. It was also a safe place for us to all learn together as they are really down-to-earth which is very different from the usual commercialised courses.

What's next for you now after the workshop?

During the workshop, the trainers were very encouraging. I feel that it’s an attitude that they are imparting rather than skills only- The attitude of trying, there’s no one way around things and we don’t need to settle. 

Beyond the lessons, I have learnt that there are ways around inconveniences if we look at it and try different ways. I would not have thought of this before the lesson. I am thankful for this new perspective gained. I will look through my mom’s wardrobe to find a piece of clothing which she doesn’t wear anymore and explore how to re-adapt so that she can wear it again. 

What would you say to people who are new to sewing? 

Sewing is very therapeutic and it’s amazing how 2 threads can hold fabrics together.

Re-adapting clothing is very interesting as you get to explore sewing accessories like magnet buttons and also the fun process of sewing the magnet buttons on the fabric.

The second intake of Sew Simple runs on the 5, 12, 19 and 26 Oct, 2:30 pm - 5:00 pm at Bold At Work.
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