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Give Me A Hand: Circuit Breaker Edition [ENDED]

Give Me A Hand: Circuit Breaker Edition [ENDED]

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Thoughtful conversations with the people you love

Give Me a Hand is a card game that started from our experience as a fashion brand that works closely with caregivers and care receivers. Through our work, we realised that you can spend a lot of time with someone, love them deeply, but still not understand them. So, we created Give Me a Hand as a fun way to close that gap.[/shortdesc]

Give Me A Hand uses specially curated questions to create opportunities for meaningful conversations that do not usually arise from daily exchanges. It includes light-hearted questions like, “Where is your favourite place?” to thoughtful questions like, “What are some things you take for granted?”. If players do not wish to answer these questions, they pick an ‘I Need A Hand’ action card instead, which comprises purposeful and memorable moments to share.

Circuit Breaker Edition: Pay as you wish & Support migrant workers in Singapore

Since we have all been spending a lot more time at home and with family during this period, the game would be a good medium to help families ease tensions at home, promote understanding and deepen bonds. On that note, we’re releasing a work-in-progress version of Give Me A Hand as a digital release that can be played through our website. This Circuit Breaker Edition will be available online for a limited time only, so get yours now and share it with family, friends and colleagues before it's gone!

We want to make this conversational game available to all. As such, you may pay as you wish and 100% of the proceeds will go to support the migrant workers in Singapore who have been hit the hardest by the pandemic.

The Covid-19 Migrant Support Coalition (CMSC) is a collaborative effort between Citizen Adventures, ItsRainingRaincoats, Migrant x Me and Singapore Migrant Friends to help meet the needs of our migrant friends affected by the Circuit Breaker measures. The CMSC raise funds and organise resources to facilitate the provision of basic needs and essentials to our migrant friends in dormitories across Singapore during the Circuit breaker. (Find out more here)

Many of us are privileged to be with family during this time, let us not take it for granted and use Give Me A Hand to deepen meaningful bonds with our loved ones. For migrant workers who are far from home and their loved ones, we hope this game can bring them comfort through other means.

Accessing the Give Me A Hand page:

1. Make the purchase.

– You will be given the option for us to reach out to you for feedback to make the game better. As this game is still a work-in-progress, we would love to learn from players their thoughts as we continue to refine it.

– Pay what you want and support migrant workers in Singapore during this COVID-19 pandemic through the Covid-19 Migrant Support Coalition (CMSC)!

(Drop us a message or visit Ray of Hope if you would like to contribute a larger amount)

2. Wait for your super-secret password.

– Look out for the email that is carrying the secret.

3. Access the Give Me A Hand page here and start playing!

– Use the password to access the page

– Play it with someone! It’s meant to be a two-player (or more) conversation game. Have fun!

*Note: As the game was initially designed as a card game, not all features of the game could be translated digitally. However, the core of the game, the questions, will remain the same.

As this game is a work-in-progress, we appreciate any form of feedback you have to help us make this a better experience for everyone! Feel free to drop us a message if a question didn’t work for you, if you have parts you don’t quite understand or if you have suggestions for more questions. We hope to release a full card game with more questions down the road!

Hands up if you'd like to help us make the game better!
100% of proceeds will go to COVID-19 Migrant Support Coalition
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