Give Me A Hand: Circuit Breaker Edition


1.  You will take turns to answer a question on the pink cards.

2. The person who is younger starts the game by answering the first question.

3. If you do not wish to answer the question, flip over the 'I Need A Hand' card (blue cards below) and perform the action.

4. Once the question has been answered, or when the 'I Need A Hand' action has been performed, the turn is over.

5. The other player clicks on the right arrow (or swipe if you're on mobile) for the next question.

6. Keep going until you reach the end of the 50 questions, or whenever you want to stop playing.

Remember to respect each other's time!

*Note: If the person you are playing with is a non-English speaker, you may translate the questions yourself or use an online translator to assist.


As the game ends, we encourage you to share with each other what you think of this experience.
You could thank the other person for their time, for sharing their answers with you, and show them some love!
We'd greatly appreciate it if you share about Give Me A Hand with your family and friends!
You could post a photo with the person you played the game with, a video of the game play in session (muted or a time-lapse if you want to keep your answers private) or any other way you'd like to do it.

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We hope you enjoy this meaningful time deepening bonds with your loved ones!

Here are some warm up questions to start off:
Q: Share a funny story about the other person.
Q: What is the first thing you plan to do after Singapore's 'circuit breaker' ends?

Some 'I Need A Hand' cards may not be applicable if you are playing this game virtually (video call). If so, skip to the next action card!