Will Be Well | Clear Mask – Rectangle

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This Will Be Well mask has a clear PVC screen that allows your mouth to be visible through the mask. A solution for persons with a hearing impairment and/or those who use visual cues to understand what a speaker is saying. Inclusive. Reusable. Unique.

Cotton Fabrics
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While the now-essential face masks can help to block particulates from entering the nose and mouth, they also make it impossible to see the mouth moving when the wearer is speaking. This is actually a considerable limitation for people who are hearing-impaired and who use visual cues to help them understand what a speaker is saying.



Each mask has an anti-rust wire for nose bridge, adjustable elastic ear loops and a clear PVC screen.


We have also found a way to lessen the fogging on the inside of the mask! Hint: Toothpaste. It’s not perfect, but we hope it helps the community who needs it!


Polyester-Cotton Blend (P4, 8)
Natural Fibre Cotton (P11 & B0-16)


As these masks are made-to-order, kindly note that delivery will take 7 to 10 working days.

Width: 24cm
Height*: 17cm


Width: 22cm
Height*: 14cm


If the above measurements do not fit you or your little ones, drop us a message and we'll work it out for you!


*Height measures from nose bridge to underneath your chin.