Will & Well Ambassador | Zora

Will & Well Ambassador | Zora
We never expected that a simple message on Will & Well’s Instagram inbox could lead to so much more.

Zora learned about us through a manager at SPD and, characteristic of her spontaneous spirit, she sent us a message shortly after, igniting a friendship that led to her involvement in our various shoots.

We have always been impressed with how Zora openly advocated her story with raw honesty. An accident which caused her to lose her mobility would have stopped any model in her stride, but Zora turned that into a new source of strength as she navigated her new life. 

close-up of Zora posing under some leaves

During the photoshoot, Zora’s tenacity quickly became apparent. With the most clothing changes, Zora and her caregiver Lina made trips to the closest (see also: quite far) toilet over and over again, across multiple locations.

In front of the camera, her modelling experience kicked in almost instinctively. She knew just the right angles and looks and moved into them with seamless ease.

Zora’s adventurous spirit has always inspired Elisa and it means so much that she has somehow become Will & Well’s de facto ambassador, always telling others about what we do and participating in our workshops.

Knowing that the work of Will & Well has impacted and won the support of someone like Zora, has been one of the most empowering motivators on Elisa's journey.

full-body shot of Zora in her wheelchair

Notes from Zora:

Will & Well made me feel that I can still express myself through fashion regardless of my physical ability while providing utmost comfort. 

Will & Well is creating a community that allows people with disabilities to feel represented and that was the best feeling.

I have a condition called Autonomic Dyreflexia after my spinal cord injury and my body is extremely sensitive. But, wearing clothes from Will & Well made me feel no discomfort and it didn’t leave me breathless when putting the clothes. They are so easy and convenient to put on! Better for my lungs better for my blood pressure hahaha 💪🏻


Grace Ho / @purplepolaroids

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