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Founder and fashion designer Elisa in workshop

1. Who is Elisa and What is Will & Well?

Elisa loves solving problems and the craft of making clothes- sewing and pattern making. She went to an art school to learn fashion design in hope to learn more about the craft. Along the way, she wasn’t satisfied with the process of making beautiful clothes for the sake of the luxury market, then came a doctor that commissioned her to make clothes for his homecare patients. Ever since that day, Elisa started researching, designing and making clothes that could make a difference in somebody’s daily dressing processes. Whether the designs were to provide independence, dignity or ease in dressing, she thought as long as one person can benefit from these research and solutions, then it is all worth the work.

After taking 2 years of her university years to research on designing universal apparel solutions that made dressing easy for even the minorities, she decided to continue the work through Will & Well. The brand’s mission is to create clothing that meets diverse day to day needs by marrying fashion and technology. Her vision is to change the way people think about and wear clothing.

2. What made you start Sew Simple?

Sew Simple was developed to transfer a skill set to somebody, as a time of respite or skill learning, so that they no longer need to feel helpless watching their loved ones struggle with something as basic and necessary, such as dressing.

3. What was your first impression of Aunty Kim Hua?

Aunty Kim Hua reminded me a lot of my own Grandmother, she was gentle and very pleasant. When I began to share with her the concept and technicalities behind Sew Simple, she quickly understood the purpose of the workshop. We acknowledged that it is a very unconventional workshop but it was worth exploring to equip fellow folks with the self-help skills to address our loved ones dressing challenges.

4. What do you think this collaboration will bring?

This collaboration will push the boundaries of fashion design and making. It will change the way we use our clothing, beyond the basic function as a layer of protection for our bodies, to being an assistance tool to our daily processes. The innovation that will be developed from having a first-hand understanding of each of our (loved ones) dressing challenges will give one another a chance at independence, dignity and comfort from day-to-day.

5. Who did you first learn sewing from and what was the first thing you sew?

I learned it from a seamstress that might be of the same age as Aunty Kim Hua. She taught me to make an A-Line skirt which I still wear till today!

6. What can people look forward to during this workshop? In other words, how is this workshop different from other sewing workshops?

The one thing that gets me most excited about is the toolkit! We’ve curated a bag with all the essential tools you’ll need for your sewing career from here on. It also includes new technology tools that make dressing fun and easy! Followed with the design thinking strategies that we’ll be exploring in the first session to design and create appropriate innovative solutions for each of your dressing challenges. Aunty Kim Hua and I promise to impart our skills to you and guide you through every step of the way.

Fret not, if you have no sewing or design skills, all we ask for is a curious mind that is seeking solutions for challenges, one small stitch at a time.

Thank you Bold At Work for collaborating with us on Sew Simple, and also for this lovely interview!
Find out more about Sew Simple and how you can sign up for the workshops here!

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