Meet the WOW! Champion | Aliyya

Meet the WOW! Champion | Aliyya

Meet Aliyya, Rainbow Centre Singapore’s resident fashionista!

Aliyya is fashionable, confident and enthusiastic about art. Her iPad is her AAC device and she also enjoys short email exchanges. Her mentor, Elisa, brought her through the technology and process behind adaptive fashion. They co-designed an adapted face mask that Aliyya can put on more independently, and she modelled it at a campaign shoot.

Keep scrolling to see our journey and the masks we designed together!

The Photoshoot:

The Journey:


Watch Out, World! (WOW!) is a pilot enrichment programme by Rainbow Centre that aims to provide students with stretch opportunities outside of curriculum time. The goal is to nurture WOW! Champions who are equipped with a strong sense of identity and confidence, ready to advocate for themselves and others.

Photos and videos courtesy of Rainbow Centre Singapore.

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