Post-Surgery Wear | Mdm Yeo

Post-Surgery Wear | Mdm Yeo
It began when Mdm Yeo’s daughter called us. Mdm Yeo was going for a hip replacement surgery and they were looking for post-surgery clothes. Being wheelchair bound, wearing conventional clothing became an uphill task. Even with the help of a caregiver, Mdm Yeo had to uncomfortably tug and struggle her way into trousers and tops.

When it came to specialised clothing, Mdm Yeo’s options were also limited. Many were too focused on functionality while disregarding fashion, and Chinese New Year was just around the corner.
So, we set out to create clothing that would be presentable during the upcoming Chinese New Year and yet comfortable enough for daily wear. Adding to that, it also had to enable Mdm Yeo’s caregiver to more effectively dress her.


We chose to create all of Mdm Yeo’s pieces in 100% cotton for its cooling properties as a natural insulator. This would ensure comfort despite Singapore’s notorious heat. On warm days, it’ll remain breathable while on humid days it keeps the skin cool and dry.


Customized Trousers

Customised Trousers
Easy Accessibility
By adding a pair of zips on the front (cutting through ¾ of the trousers) along with a drawstring for fastening, Mdm Yeo had a much easier time wearing and removing her trousers. The trousers when loosened and unzipped gives a much wider space to work with compared to regular pants.

Customised Trousers Front Zip
Caregiver Support
Mdm Yeo’s caregiver can simply lay the loosened and unzipped trousers on the bed or char, transfer Mdm Yeo onto it and dress her with ease. There is also a pair of handles on the back side of the waist so Mdm Yeo’s caregiver can easily support her rather than tugging at her back seam uncomfortably to try to move her.

Customised Trousers side handles
Style and Comfort
The drawstring allows Mdm Yeo to fasten according to her comfort. She can also choose to vary her style by wearing it either on her waist or hips.

Customized Kimono

Customised Kimono Top green
Customised Kimono Top Blue florals
Velcro Wrap
Velcro helps Mdm Yeo’s caregiver to quickly and securely dress Mdm Yeo without hassle. This is great for day to day wear and allows for a loose-cut, comfortable fit.
Waistline Drawstring

The drawstring creates another style option with the kimono. By fastening the drawstring, it comfortably contours and accentuates Mdm Yeo’s feminine waistline. This creates a sleek and modern look for going outdoors and at Chinese New Year gatherings.

Patch Pocket
There are also good-sized front pockets to allow convenient access to valuables.

Mdm Yeo is a great example of how little attention to details and sensitive design can make all the difference. Mdm Yeo’s customized kimono and trousers have since given her more comfort and confidence as she heads for a smooth recovery.

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