Altering Lifestyle Choices | Thammika

Altering Lifestyle Choices | Thammika

We first met Thammika as teacher and student at one of our Sew Simple workshops. She had wanted to learn sewing and decided to give Will & Well a go as she liked the social mission that we stood for. In fact, it was this shared passion for social impact creation that led us to cross paths time and again – building a beautiful friendship.

Recently, Thammika came to us with a customisation request. She had been losing weight and found that her clothes no longer fit her well. Thus, she wished to get her clothes altered. At first glance, this may seem like a small request but beneath it lay thoughtful consideration and a conscious choice.

Choosing Sustainability

When our clothes no longer “fit” us, do we throw them away and buy new ones or make do with what we already have? For Thammika, the answer was clear. She had a genuine desire to lead a sustainable lifestyle and did not want to contribute to generating more waste by buying new clothes. She chose to extend the life of her existing clothes, and we were on board with supporting her journey towards sustainability. She was excited about this new experience, and we were too!

One aspect of this experience was a change in Thammika’s perspective towards alteration – was it really worth more than a new piece of clothing? Well, clothes that are mass produced may be cheap, but fast fashion cannot compare to the work that goes into making a piece of clothing fit the unique you. Thankfully, Thammika was very open-minded and eager to learn. She respected the work we did, and we appreciated her willingness to honour its value.

Innovation in Alteration

Sustainability involves being able to wear the piece of clothing for a long time. Thus, we wanted to ensure that Thammika’s altered clothes not only fit her now, but in the future as well. We decided to add an adjustable elastic waistband – used in our Adaptable collection – to her pants, which will provide her with the means to adjust the size herself, if necessary.

Dance of Delight

When Thammika finally tried on her altered clothes during the fitting session at our office, she was so thrilled with the result that she broke out in dance! It definitely was a memorable reminder of the joy a satisfied customer can bring that makes our hard work worth it.


why tailor clothes? because it’s sustainable and you get to keep your favourite pieces 🌱🤍##lovedclotheslast

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A Role Model

A big reason for why Thammika is so committed to leading a sustainable lifestyle is that she wanted to be a role model for her young daughter, who will be growing up in a society consumed by fast fashion and in an Earth that is becoming more fragile by the day.

Apart from her daughter, she also showed us how our customisation service can be used to breathe new life into existing clothes and support efforts toward sustainability. We are inspired by her to expand the social value of what we do, and we hope she inspires you to see your clothes in a different light too!

Need someone to tailor your clothes? Drop us a message or find out more about our customisation service here!

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