Adaptable+ | An Eco-Conscious Capsule Collection

Adaptable+ | An Eco-Conscious Capsule Collection

Will & Well believes no one has to suffer for the sake of fashion, including Planet Earth. That’s why we’re using fabrics we have in storage to make Adaptable+. This eco-conscious capsule collection that embraces what we already own, what you can own, and what, together, we can call our own efforts towards inclusive and sustainable fashion that also includes Planet Earth. 

A lot of customers haven’t seen or understood the consequences of overproduction—made by multiple fashion brands—when their season is over. We wouldn’t burn what we’ve made because we made too much. We try not to in the first place.

Simple & Not Greenwashed

The story of Adaptable+ is simple and not greenwashed: We have fabrics that have been kept in storage for a long time, from Elisa’s school days, past customization projects, or other work. Some have actually come from other countries on Elisa’s travels because she saw that much value in them.

Thammika (above) wearing the Maxi Cap Sleeve Dress in Black + Warm Sand (Linen)

Now, as we’ve moved to work-from-home, we see our homes inundated with these fabrics, and we face options: throw them out—a waste—or use them to bring something of value to you. With more space, we can also benefit by being able to experiment with new tech and fabrics that could improve lives.

It is the time for us to retain what’s best about our past Adaptable Collection but add on elements that can make what goes on anybody (pun intended) distinct: extending the length of our Midi Cap Sleeve Dress to become a Maxi Dress, attaching elements of flutter sleeves to the Two-Way Blouse, and adding pocket flaps & coloured hems to the Convertible Cargo Pants. 

Choose from our small library of unused fabrics to pair with the original pieces from the Adaptable Collection. With limited amount of each fabric, you may even get a one-of-a-kind, limited-edition pairing!

Two-Way Flutter Sleeve Blouse (Sky Blue)
Thammika (above) wearing the Two-Way Flutter Sleeve Blouse in Sky Blue + Silk-Viscose #2
Two-Way Blouse (with Flutter Sleeves)  [close-up]
(above) A close-up of the flutter sleeve on the Two-Way Blouse
Convertible Colourblock Cargo Pants
Xin You (left) wearing the Convertible Colourblock Cargo Pants in Army Green + Blueprint (Denim-Spandex), and Thammika (right) wearing the Convertible Colourblock Cargo Pants in Black + Coral (Polyester-Viscose).
Maxi Cap Sleeve Dress (Olive Green + Blue Ashes)
Thammika (above) wearing the Maxi Cap Sleeve Dress in Olive Green + Sailor Blue (Viscose-Spandex)

Launching our capsule collections how Leave UV was done and how we want Adaptable+ to be done is our way to achieve “new products" but in a more responsible, eco-conscious, and holistically thoughtful way.

We are keeping to our design ethos: to have our products continue serving people with ease and comfort as timeless pieces that will take them through different stages of their lives.


Check out the full Adaptable+ Capsule Collection here!

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